We here at Chromableed Studios are happy to present some software:
These programs are available FREE and AS-IS under the terms of the GNU GPL v3.
If you have any questions/patches/bug-reports they are appreciated at the projects google code page.

    can be used to read and write phone number(mdn,min), roaming lists(write prl), and to read and write lock codes(MSL,SPC,user lock) for qualcomm based CDMA devices
    download from google code

    an ESN/MEID calculator/converter and also searches .bin files for SPC candidates  (cdmaDevTerm is also hosted at this address)
    Photobucket screenshot

xQ Moto
    automates the deployment and phone number replacement of an xml provisioning document for the motorola Q (or other rapiconfig.exe controlled devices)

'sLot Shuffle
    lets you shuffle the songs on a microSd card or a playlist to burn on MP3cd(or play on SanDisk SlotMusic player) by renaming the begining of the song