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capture the model string from CDMA phone

posted Dec 10, 2010, 1:12 AM by d graham   [ updated Jun 9, 2013, 12:02 AM ]

There are several different program suites which are capable of interacting with CDMA and GSM cellphones.

PSAS, Phone System Analysis Software, is an interesting piece of software produced by a gentleman named B. Kerler, who also is known as Viper BJK. PSAS started out its life as an Open Source tool called QMAT, which has all but ceased to exist on the internet(an impressive feat), and whose source code has handily disappeared from the internet as well(also impressive, try to hide something once its been on the internet!).

To download a Demo of PSAS, check out:

Once you have opened PSAS, choose Mobile Ports from the menu.

Then select you cellphone from among the USB serial devices listed.

Choose the QC Modem tab, select “00” from the drop down box and press send.

In the box below you will see both the HEX and the ASCII representation of the response.

Edit 2013(originally posted in 2010):

Although psas/revskills is a great program, it is no longer available... luckily you can actually send the same "00" command from the"Term" tab in chromableed studios very own free open source cdmaDevTerm be sure to check the box to include CRC, then check the Log tab to see the result