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Locating an AX7 entity field from the form control

posted Feb 3, 2017, 9:28 AM by d graham
1.   Find the form in the Application Explorer under UI elements and right click to view the design
2.       If the preview comes up find the control in the preview and Visual Studio will select it in the designer, or if the preview doesn’t come up then dig down into the many levels of tabs and groups to search for the form contro
3.       In the properties for the form control it will have a property for Data Source and for Data Field
4.       The Data Source property will tie back to the form data sources which will have a Table property   
5.       A Find references lookup from Application Explorer>Data Model>Tables on the PriceUnit field on InventTableModle will help to get back to the entity for data import, where it looks like AX is calling it PurchasePriceQty